love story

We looked at each other, and we both knew that this was the last time we were going to see each other, not because we wanted it to be this way. Just because that was the only way it could be. My boyfriend was a soldier, his job was to protect and save! He saved others life, while he risked his own. He had to go to Syria, and I couldn’t help the thought of newer seeing him again. My thought wandered and I was thinking about the first time we meet. I didn’t know anything about his work. He never told me that he was working for the special forces. If I knew I might not have gone in to a serious relationship whit him. He didn’t tell me because of the character of his work and because of security reasons. I lost my hart and I couldn’t help it. he kissed me goodbye and left.

East is East – A letter from George


Dear friend.


I´m really concerned about my children’s, as you know we live in Manchester in England. As a father it’s hard to raise your children in a different country whit different cultures. My wife dos not make it easier, she thinks that I’m too strict. She thinks that our children should live how they want to live and she thinks that what they want will make them happy. I know what’s best for my children! I´m trying my best to make them great Muslims, but it´s not easy when they don´t listen to me.

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I wan´t my to sons Abdul and Azif to get married. Abdul respekts me, but Azif seas that he want to merry an english girl. i did not work out because my family ruined the meeting whit the family of the two Pakistan girls. now i dont know what to do, because my whole family is against my strict thoughts about a muslim family. do you have any advice for me? love George.



The move we saw today, called Macbeth was difficult to understand in my opinion. The story was about Macbeth that was told by some witches that he would become the next king. Macbeth decides to kill the current king and after he becomes king himself, he gets crazy.  I found it difficult to follow the events because of the language, the strange action and because the story did not catch my interest. I found the language a little bit difficult, but the activities we did before the move helped me to understand a little bit more. I kind of enjoyed the mysterious part of the move, but I didn’t enjoy all of the murders.

Dear Future President


Dear future president. You will probably try to do everything you can to make US the best it can be. Make the economy great, the military great, the health care great, the education great and last but not least the crime problems great! You will make it great in your way, the way that you think will work the best, because that is what a president are supposed to do. This is great, at least for over half of your country! You can’t make everybody happy, but please! Don’t just think of your own country, think of the world. You have now become the most powerful person in this world. You are not just the president of the united states; you are a powerful person to everyone and you have a role to play in every single country of the world.

I live in Norway and I think that every little move you make have an impact on my life. so the only advise I can give you is to think twice and don´t be selfish.

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How would you encourage students to write more English?


This assignment is not totally clear. I’m not sure if it means writing more English in the classroom or in daily life.  If we think about writing more English in the classroom, the teachers could give the students a task where they had to write about an engaging book or a movie, where the author wrote the story in English. This would probably encourage the students because they find it fascinating.  In daily life I think that my generation gets influenced by watching different TV series and movies in English. This leads to that students are using more English language in daily life. For example, in text messengers.

guess the city

This city is the eight largest city in the united states, whit a population of 1,4 million people. Sea world is located in this city and they have a famous zoo. The city is located in the sought- west of the USA, near the Pacific Ocean.  If you couldn’t already tell it´s loaded in the state of California and it’s the second largest city in the state.  It’s also the birthplace of California.


In this city they speak both speak English and Spanish, and it’s based on Mexican culture. It has one of the two best summer climates in America. It is minor earthquakes daily and during the dry seasons they have forest fires.


If you haven’t guessed it yet I can give you two more clues. This city is located sought of Los Angeles and north of the border of Mexico.

norwegian teenager

Hi, I am Daniella Bodøgaard Beston, I’m 15 years old. I was born Oslo (Norway), but live in Asker (Norway) whit my mom and in Bærum (Norway) whit my dad. I have a stepdad and a stepmom, and two stepsiblings. A part of my family om the mothers side, lives in San Diego, California. I love to travel, try new things, hang out whit my friends and go downhill skiing!  My favorite food is Shushi and I’m half Italian. I love to meet new people, get to know them and learn about different cultures and religions.


My family and my friend’s matters to me and I spend as much time as possible whit them. Specially my grandmother! I love to spend time whit her because she can learn me allot about life experience. For example, about history, jobs and just ordinary stuff, like making food…! I also love to hang out whit my mom because she is both like a friend and a mom to me. When I’m whit my friends we like to go shopping, do different activities like sports, go to the movies and explore the world around us.


To be a Norwegian teenager is good, I don’t have much to say about this except for that I like it…..! most teenagers today feel a lot of pressure when it comes to school, looks, outfits, sports and also materialistic goods. I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in other parts of Norway, however growing up in Asker have given me a really good start in life.

Daniella B. Beston